Here are some relevant past blog posts I’ve written both here and elsewhere:

First, see my whole other blog on neurodiversity theory. A few of the posts there are also printed here, but mostly its original content.

A recent post on Simon Baron-Cohen, Neurodiversity-lite, and the History of Eugenic Thought

Why I identify as “Unselected” to position myself against trying to determine health through evolutionary theory.

Why I think the concept of executive functioning is just as ideological as scientific.

A post on neoliberalism and the biopolitics of psychological formulation.

My understanding of the biopolitics of Pathological Demand Avoidance. See here for part part two.

On the domestic abuse of autistic adults,

On how gender norms helped shape the concept of autism,

On schizophrenia and neurodiversity,

On Down syndrome and eugenics,

On politicising autism.

On Wittgenstein and autism.